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Moosemeat & Marmalade brings together a Bush Cook, Art Napoleon, and a classically trained British Chef, Dan Hayes to explore and compare Indigenous and European culture and cuisine. Through his Cree heritage and rough-around-the-edges persona, Art is a man among men when it comes to hunting and surviving in the Northern wilds. From across the pond, Dan draws on years of history and tradition to create modern food that looks as good as it tastes.

Every episode, one of the chefs chooses an ingredient and leads the journey. They couldn’t be more different or more set in their ways, but these two chefs come together to create and explore culture, culinary traditions, worldviews and, of course, really good food.

In Season 5, Art and Dan travel to Treaty 8 Territory, the beaches of southern Wales, northern Haida Gwaii, southern Ireland and many more places to learn new recipes and cooking techniques.

APTN linear premiere dates:
Feb. 11, 2021 (English)
Feb. 15, 2021 (French)
Feb. 17, 2021 (Cree)


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Art and Dan overlooking the Peace River.
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Art has his pot for picking berries while Dan has his gun for bear watching.
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Art and Dan cooking in a medieval kitchen.
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Forager Chendore teaches Art and Dan about laver seaweed.
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No matter where Art goes, there needs to be some form of bannock.
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Dan learning hand games.
7 / 29
Jeff Evans shows Art and Dan his leek fields.
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Art and Dan visit Wilfred Penker in his garden to learn about the Haida potato.
9 / 29
Art Napoleon samples huckleberry wine with guest Wilfred Penker.
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Art and Dan not-so-quietly stalk through the woods looking for deer.
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Art and Dan visit 9 White Deer Brewery for some additions to their meal.
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Dan trying his hand at bannock with berries and a secret ingredient.
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Dan and Guujaaw take a Haida canoe out with the help of some locals and tourists.
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Art and Dan cooking al fresco.
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Art and Dan with their fishing guide and a several Language Keepers.
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Art and Dan with cultural expert Raven Swamp.
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Local forager River McComber helps Art and Dan find a puffball mushroom.
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Dan and his maple taffy.
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Art and Dan enjoying the maple taffy provided by Pierre Faucher.
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Art and Dan stroll along a pier at the Port of Montreal after another successful meal.
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Marie Beauchemin and Pierre Faucher enjoy the company as much as the meal.
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Art cracks a joke while Dan works.
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Dan carefully flips some hashbrowns.
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Gilbert showing off what he and Zach helped Art and Dan make.
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Art and Dan take a break after being shown around the castle grounds.
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Art stands by while Dan takes a shot at a bird.
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S05, Ep 9
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S05 Ep 13

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