Are you looking for an opportunity to guide, shape and influence the world leader in Indigenous media? Would you consider bringing your skills to a national board level? Dadan Sivunivut is seeking applicants to serve on its Board of Directors.

Apply to become a part of a committed, diverse and talented team on Dadan Sivunivut’s policy governance board. Members will be drawn from a wide variety of personal and professional backgrounds and Indigenous traditions.

Established by APTN, the world’s first national Indigenous broadcaster, Dadan Sivunivut is seeking a qualified team of individuals to ensure the viability and growth of its Indigenous-led subsidiaries.

The Board of Directors will take on the exciting task of innovating and expanding the operation of Dadan Sivunivut’s Indigenous media affiliates to serve Our Peoples for Our Future.



On December 9, 2019, APTN’s Board of Directors formalized the establishment of a new independent holding company, Dadan Sivunivut. Dadan means “Our Peoples” in Southern Tutchone and Sivunivut means “Our Future” in Inuktitut.

This new for-profit corporation gathers all of the subsidiaries that APTN has established over the last 12 years under a new umbrella, headquartered in Ottawa. The AnimikiSee companies, First Peoples Radio, All Nations Network (ANN), Nagamo, Red Music Rising and all other new ventures will now be part of the Dadan Sivunivut family.

Dadan Sivunivut’s mission is “to expand professional opportunities for Our Peoples, to nurture Indigenous-led subsidiaries and to lead Our Future.” The Board of Directors will ensure these corporations increase their revenues, expand their reach, continue to provide Indigenous Peoples with professional opportunities and fulfill their role as voices for Indigenous Peoples.



Dadan Sivunivut is governed by a board of directors representing all regions of Canada. The governance board is responsible for the oversight of Dadan Sivunivut and its subsidiaries and sets policy and direction while guiding the organization to fulfill its mission, mandate and vision, remaining a true reflection of Indigenous Peoples across Canada.

The board will also ensure the subsidiaries’ profitability and maximize returns on investments, permit the expansion of its subsidiaries, and expand professional opportunities for Indigenous Peoples.



It is expected that the selection of qualified individuals will strive to respect Indigenous communities’ representation (First Nations, Inuit and Métis) as well as geographical representation (North, South, East, and West).




  • Proven experience in business development and management;
  • Experience in managing business acquisitions;
  • Experience in managing start-up companies;
  • Strong financial management experience;
  • Board experience on Indigenous corporations valued at less than $10M;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of broadcast and film/music/television production sectors;
  • Corporate governance expertise;
  • You are a First Nation, Inuit or Metis permanent resident of Canada.


  • Legal and regulatory experience;
  • Strong knowledge of the Indigenous communities and values;
  • Knowledge of an Indigenous language;
  • Experience on corporate boards valued at $10M in assets or more;
  • Nationally recognized Board Governance training such as Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD).

Please note, individuals who hold licence or production agreements with any of the subsidiaries will not be considered.



The board communicates mostly in English and each meeting involves the substantial reading of reports.



One 3-year term, two 4-year term and two 5-year term director positions are available. Directors may sit for a maximum of two consecutive terms.



The Board of Directors meets four times per year, typically in Ottawa, Ontario. Additional meetings may be by teleconference and directors are expected to participate in one or two board committees, which meet by phone or at board meetings.



Dadan Sivunivut is a start-up enterprise and directors of the board receive a fee for their professional services. Travel and accommodations for meetings are arranged and covered by Dadan Sivunivut.



If you are interested in serving on the Dadan Sivunivut Board of Directors, you will need to complete an online application form and upload the following documents. Please prepare your files before completing the online application:

  • Cover letter (maximum of two pages) that addresses your interest in sitting on the board, the skills or areas of expertise you can contribute and eligibility;
  • Resume;
  • A background check is required to verify criminal record and bankruptcy status (download a blank form). Please submit this completed form along with all other application documents. Dadan Sivunviut will process the background check on your behalf;
  • Letter(s) of support (maximum of two) which include complete contact information of your references;
  • Proof of residency (driver’s licence or similar legal document);
  • Proof of Indigenous ancestry.

Please reference file #DADAN-2020-1 in your cover letter.


APPLICATION DEADLINE Friday, April 3, 2020, 5 p.m. CT

Dadan Sivunivut is an Indigenous-owned and operated company. Preference will be given to Indigenous applicants in the selection of the Board of Directors.


Dadan Sivunivut Board of Directors Application Form