Jean-François D. O’Bomsawin

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Manager of Programming / Management

Jean-François D. O’Bomsawin is a First Nations member of the Abenaki community of Odanak, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Communications from the University of Ottawa. For five years, he worked for the Canadian Museum of Civilizations, managing a training program for Indigenous Peoples.

Jean-François’ career started at APTN in the Marketing department as a Communications Coordinator, a position he held for over two years. Since July 2012, he assumed the role of Manager of Programming, Eastern Region. His management experience and understanding of Indigenous perspectives are very beneficial to the development, evolution and commission of original programming.

Jean-François has always dreamed of playing a significant role in the television industry, so his current position is a dream come true. Fascinated by the diversity of Indigenous cultures, he wishes to bring them to you on multiple platforms.